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It takes the right professional painter with the proper knowledge to transform your indoor and outdoor spaces into something noteworthy. As a homeowner, property manager, or dutiful business owner looking to renovate your business, you want someone with not only experience but enough projects under their belt to back it up. Thankfully, Antonio’s Painting & Renovations is exactly what you’re looking for. With over 15 years of experience, we stand by our outstanding services, offering painting in Northern Virginia for residential areas, commercial spaces, and much more. 

We’ll take care of your interiors and exteriors like they’re our own. We not only offer painting, but we are also custom carpentry veterans and outstanding renovation contractors. Renovate your kitchens, bathrooms, and other interiors, or hire us to keep up with the maintenance of your properties with a fresh new coat of high-quality paint. Antonio’s Painting & Renovations is Manassas’ and Northern VA’s trusted painting partner. 

Our Services

Outstanding work quality is as crucial as taking care of your home. At the same time, we deliver on our commitment, which is even more essential to our business. Our five-star painting and renovation services come with a warranty seal, quality assurance, and outstanding professional partners in Manassas, Fairfax, Alexandria, and other areas in Northern Virginia. Call Antonio’s Painting & Renovations for any of your painting and remodeling needs, including:

  • Wall painting
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Trim and molding painting
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Cabinet painting
  • Cabinet staining
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    Though your exteriors are usually more susceptible to wear and tear, your house interior can also suffer from discoloration, wear, and imperfections. Your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms can benefit from a new look, and a fresh coat of paint goes a long way to achieve that. At Antonio’s Painting & Renovations, we are prepared to give your home interior a brand-new look.

    From the color consultation to any changes during the painting process, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way. We work with trusted painting brands ideal for interiors (Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams) and clean up after ourselves once we’re done. Your interiors will never look better than with Antonio’s Painting & Renovations! 

    Exterior Residential Painting

    Residential exteriors take a lot of work to maintain in top shape. With constant exposure to the weather and outside elements, home exteriors are susceptible to deterioration, and the paint encompassing your property will eventually fade, making your home look dull and probably dirty. It’s crucial to keep up with your exterior residential painting every 5 to 10 years, but it depends on the paint brand used and the quality of the previous job. Sometimes, you’ll have to do it sooner, so Antonio’s Painting & Renovations will give your house the makeover it deserves with a quality coat of paint. 

    Through our meticulous painting process—which involves washing and preparing your exteriors for a fresh coat of paint—you can rest easy knowing you’re leaving your home in capable hands. We work on all home exteriors like siding, wood, brick, stucco, concrete, stone, and more! 

    Businesses, property managers, and other commercial properties in Northern Virginia are not left behind! We are certified commercial painters in Manassas, Fairfax, and other Northern areas. We consider even the most minor details before partaking in a project for your business or organization. We take our time to select the proper paint types and finishes, considering factors like durability, weather resistance, and anti-mold properties. Commercial painting requires the work of diligent professionals who deliver high-quality results—we are those industrious professionals.

    Custom carpentry is a coveted service. Not all interior remodeling companies offer this type of service, but as a total remodeling and painting partner in Manassas and Northern VA, we take pride in our carpentry work. Tailor-made woodwork can yield out-of-this-world results for any home project. We offer:

    • Cabinetry 
    • Custom Furniture 
    • Storage Solutions
    • Built-ins and Wall Units
    • Crown Molding
    • Wainscoting
    • Custom Trim Work
    • Doors and Windows
    • Decks and Patios
    • Pergolas and Gazebos
    • Fencing

    Tile and hardwood Flooring Installation Specialists

    We count on a catalog of durable and aesthetically pleasing tile and hardwood for your remodeling projects. We work on all tile types for your kitchen and bathroom backsplashes and flooring, assisting with everything from the design process to the installation. 

    • Types of Hardwood: Solid and engineered wood like oak, pine, birch, mahogany, and pine in various colors, grain patterns, and hardness levels. 
    • Types of Tile: Durable ceramic tiles, porcelain, natural stone, cement, terracotta, linoleum, slate, and more. 

    Areas We Serve

    Find us in the following areas near you in Northern Virginia:

    Manassas, VA

    Fairfax, VA

    Alexandria, VA

    Leesburg, VA

    Reston, VA

    Stafford, VA

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